Thursday, October 14, 2010

For readers and reviewers

I just wanted to say two things:

1) if you see a review on here for an App, and would like to submit a review on the same App, go ahead.  Especially if you disagree on the first review.  I think it's important to have feedback from all the different experiences and perspectives, so that readers have a balanced understanding of the App.

2) While this project was started with Apple products in mind, other companies are coming out with pocket computers with Apps, and so this project also will accept reviews for those products.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TapToTalk App Review

This one is a bit different in that I found it through a Facebook ad.  TapToTalk is a picture based alternative communication App.  It boasts being completely customizable and affordable.  

This is partly true.  The App is available free for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Nintendo, as well as an App for the computer.  However, these only come with a basic starter album that contains a very limited set of phrases.  In order to utilize the full customizable functions and be able to use your own pictures and create personal albums to fit adult persons, you have to subscribe to the service, which is $99.95 a year, per person. 

Compared to some of the pricing of other communication Apps, and considering the possible long term use of the App, this is more expensive than some of the other Apps available. 

In my opinion, while the various platforms for this App makes it extremely portable, and the customizable options are vast, the long-term pricing makes it unaffordable for persons with limited income.