Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shopping List Review

Shopping List is a productivity app by Hensoft.  There are two versions of it, a free lite version and the full version for $2.99.  It is simply, a shopping list app. 

I have to admit, I have been using the full version of Shopping List for about a year.  I really like it because it's fairly easy to use.  I can sort items in my list into categories like fruits and vegetables, meat, canned food, household items and so on.  I can also put in the price of an item and it calculates the total cost with tax, even if I want more than one of an item. 

It also saves items, so when I'm adding items to a current list, I can quickly select the items I need to buy.  There is also an option to sync with an account, but I haven't tested that function yet because I find the app useful even without. 

There are some differences between the free and full versions.  The free version is limited to a single list and the catergories that come with the app.   It also doesn't have all of the functions with calculating prices. 

With the full version, I can create my own catergories and can have multiple lists.  This is useful for me because sometimes having everything on one list is confusing and overwhelming for me.  Also, I can keep track of my budget for specific lists. 

For example, I am in charge of buying cleaning supplies for my house hold.  By keeping a separate list, I can keep track of what I'm spending with my own money and what I'm spending with the house hold money. 

As an adult Autistic, I found the Shopping List app to be useful for spending and budget keeping, as well as remembering what I need to buy.  I recommend it for other Autistic adults for the same purposes to support their independence. 

Reviewed by Corina Becker, 2012