About the Project

Lately, there has been a lot of exciting talk about how Apple's iPad and iPod Touch can assist Autistic children.  This is all very excellent news, except for one thing; it's focused mainly on how to assist children, when there are plenty of autistic adults who could benefit as well.

Also, children do grow up, and may still require supports and accommodations throughout life.

So what this project is about is to review apps that have the potential to help autistic adults as well as autistic children, but from the autistic perspective.  Apps can be on various of platforms and devices, not just Apple products, since each person will prefer their own technology.

We welcome autistic adults to share their experiences regarding apps, as well as parents and caregivers on the behalf of their autistic children.

If you are interested, please read the Mission Statement below and see our Submissions page.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to share valuable information regarding Apps, and their benefit to Autistic individuals.

We shall do this by providing reviews regarding various Apps, made by Autistic individuals, outlining benefits and weaknesses of said Apps.  Reviews shall be submitted by willing participants only, based on personal experiences.

This information shall be freely available to the entire community through this blog, without charge, so that everyone in the autism community can make informed decisions regarding Apps.