Wednesday, January 25, 2012


i-Prompt is an app I picked up from the ASD iPod Touch Project Apps (.pdf) and have tested it out.  It is a free app developed by iPrompter, a company that produces professional teleprompt devices. 

Since the software is originally for teleprompting, this is an example of technology created for one purpose being used in a similar way as assistive technology.

i-Prompt works for both iPad and iPod Touch.  I think that it can be used both by parents, teachers and caregivers to prompt those developing independence with the next steps of a task as well as by more independent individuals to remember steps in a task.  This means that it can be useful for people who have a hard time remembering instructions, and to overcome stressful and confusing situations when something unexpected happens. 

To test it out, I wrote my own prompt script, and tried out some of the features.  It can be set up to scroll through the script at a set pace, but can be paused and manually scrolled through via touch screen.  The font can also be adjusted to different sizes, font type, and the colours.  I found it very easy to use.  The only downside that I can find is that it's text-based and so requires the ability to read and follow written instructions.  Which means that it's a good in-step tool for independence, but is not appropriate for those who need images. 


  1. Hey Neko! As usual, you are amazing. This is an INCREDIBLY helpful blog and I'm referring people to it! I'm so glad you posted it.

    Hey, have you heard of the skye pen? aka livescribe. Not an app, but an assitive device. It's a pen that records what is being said when a person takes notes and then plays that part back to you when you touch the pad... hard to describe, but check it out...

    Anyway my boyfriend LOVES it because he has a visual processing disorder where his auditory is way better than his visual. But you still have to be able to read and write. As well as be able to take some kind of notes (even if vague) while listening to get the full use out of the pen... some people with visual processing disorders probably couldn't handle this.

    Anyway just thought you should know you're awesome!!!

    1. Hey! Good to hear from you!!

      I haven't heard of that!!! I'll see whether I can check it out, maybe somehow get to play with it!

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