Sunday, September 26, 2010

iRewardChart lite app

The iRewardChat Lite App by iRewardChart is a reward system whereas children can earn special rewards by doing things like doing their homework, being polite, waiting their turn, helping mom, and so on. For each successful task, a child earns points and at certain point levels, is granted an award of their choice. 

This looks like a very good idea since I know that I at least have a hard time with delayed gratification, meaning that I have difficulty waiting in order to get rewards. Having a visual chart of my "points" towards a reward helps a lot.  As a child, my parents had a chart of my chores and tasks for morning and night (such as make bed and brush teeth) that was printed out each week and put on my door. As I grew older and more difficult, the tasks determined my allowance and even included bonus tasks.

This app, however, is designed for parents to keep track, set goals and reward. It is also designed to keep track of autistic children and not for the adult.  The full version is $2.99 and offers unlimited options for how many children to keep track of, the tasks per week and the rewards offered.  A more limited "lite" version is available for free.

The lite version only covers one child with four areas to reward, which is fine for single child who only have a few areas to work on. However, the rewards are editable and custom-able, so is potentially adaptable for a caregiver working with an adult or youth on specific areas, for developing routines or behavioural therapy.

As for an individual autistic, this app doesn't seem to be so useful to keep track of daily routines and self management of lifeskills, at least in lite mode. Especially if a person has more than four areas that they need to cover each week. 

So in conclusion, a very excellent App for parents and caregivers to use with their Autistic children and perhaps some Autistic adults, but I cannot recommend it for all Autistic adults.

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