Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Miracle Modus

I found out about this app in the most interesting way.  Basically, I happen to know the programmer/developer who made this, being a long-time friend of a mutual friend, and follow both of them on Tumblr. 

The Miracle Modus
Seebs is an autistic programmer who made the Miracle Modus as a way to migrate sensory overload and stress.  It provides rhythmic rainbow shapes and bell sounds in a variety of patterns that can be soothing.

While even Seebs admits that not all autistic people will benefit from the app, especially when the patterns are subtle and the sounds not right, there have been quite a few reports and reviews that say it has been very helpful.  

I tried it myself, because I find spiralling patterns and sounds to be calming.  Sometimes I found a lack of control with the settings.  While I could turn off certain modes, there is no way (at this time; Seebs is continuing to work on it and does appreciate feedback) to flip between modes in a controlled manner. 

Overall, I felt myself relaxed while watching, listening and playing with it, and highly suggest it for people who like and find moving shapes and bell sounds relaxing. 

It is free and available for most Apple devices and Android devices

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