Friday, September 28, 2012

Waterfalls, Rain Sounds and Relaxation

Over the years in school, I have discovered that not only do showers and the sound of running bath tubs help me to relax and think, but also helps me to understand difficult textbooks and articles.  Unfortunately, I cannot stay in the bathroom all day with the tap running, so I've turned to some alternatives. 

Now, when I'm at my computer, I tend to go to the Niagara Falls Webcam from the Hilton Fallsview Hotel.  It provides quite soothing rushing water sounds that also act as a good sound barrier for other sensory issues. 

However, when I'm away from my computer, I need to rely on Apps to provide me with anxiety reducing sounds.  So I took a look at quite a few.  Instead of doing independent posts for all of them, I'm putting together the ones I found worked the best, mainly that they did not stop when my iPod went idle. 

eSleep lite
 eSleep lite is perhaps my favourite.  Developed by Vanke Software, the lite version is free on Apple devices.  Tracks can be customized with multiple music and sounds.  A timer and alarm can be set.  Recordings can be made, and it doesn't shut off when in idle.  Unfortunately, it does not work in the background.  

Sleepmaker has a number of apps, most focusing on specific sound tracks.  The one I like and tested was the storm app.  It includes various 45 min tracks of different storms and rain sounds.  While it has no timer, it does work in idle and in the background, so I could multitask on my iPod. 

There are both free lite versions and paid pro versions available on Apple and Android devices

Relax Waterfall
Relax Waterfall is a freebie part of the paid app Napuru, which includes the other sounds and tracks not included in this one.  From what I can tell, the only difference in the apps is the collection of tracks.  The free version is pretty good as it is, with a single track of a waterfall.  It also has an alarm, and works in the background and in idle. 

SleepStream Classic Lite
I tried the SleepStream Classic Lite, although now Explosive Apps has more versions out for 99¢ to 8.99$.  The Classic Lite version is still free though.  It has a selection of tracks, such as birdsong, rain, and ocean waves.  The player is very simple and easy to use, and plays in idle and in the background.   So it's a very decent player. 

Personally, I think that the tricky part with relaxation tracks is finding the right one that works for you.  So what would work for me might not work for other autistics.  However, I feel that these four apps are the best choices currently available. 


  1. My son H has recently discovered an app called iDream and says the free version is amazing. Apparently you can set the timer and have it play for a preselected period while going to sleep, which is what he likes to do. He tells me there is ocean surf, a river, white sound, and others. He is 14 and is quite taken with it.


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